Sokoza Cash Loans

Sokoza Loans
Sokoza Loans

Sokoza Cash Loans is a provider of short-term loan solutions. Loan amounts which are provided range from, R300 to a maximum of R1500.

By following a simple 3-step-procedure, which includes selecting an amount, filling out an online application form and emailing of documents, clients are granted fast ways of obtaining assistance. By eliminating paperwork, faxing or sitting on the phone for hours, the entire Sokoza Cash Loans process is simplified online.
The repayment amount is calculated before application and clients are reminded of the 30 day repayment period. Credit checks are conducted, however individuals with bad credit are not automatically ruled out. In exceptional cases, individuals with bad credit are considered and may be trusted to repay their debt obligation to Sokoza.

Qualifying Criteria for Sokoza Cash Loans

All you need to apply for one of Sokoza’s small, super flexible loans is to be 18 years or older, have a South African Identity document, a bank account where payments can be made and debit orders collected; an email address as well as your own cellphone number.
Sokoza charges a R57 monthly service VAT inclusive fee in addition to an industry-standard initiation fee. Loan fees are calculated as follows:
Initial Loan amount + 36% interest and R57 initiation fee.
Repayments are done using the debit order facility. Sokoza encourages individuals to only apply for loans if they are certain they will be able to repay the amount within the prescribed repayment period. Sokoza discourages individuals from applying for a loan to settle other debts.
With its fast, simple solutions, Sokoza seems set to grow further in the micro loans industry.
Contact Sokoza here: 011 784 0722