How to get IT3b tax certificate from FNB Online Banking

An IT3(b) is a Tax Certificate received from an institution such as a bank or financial services offerer which will be a summary of any interest and dividends both local and foreign that you would have earned by having money invested with one or more of these places. You can get your IT3b tax certificate from FNB Online Banking or on the FNB Banking APP. Please register for online banking, and then log in with the details you registered with.

  1. Log in to your online banking profile with your computer.
  2. Click on my bank accounts.
  3. Select the relevant share investing account with which you receive dividends.
  4. Then you Select the menu on the left.
  5. Then you click on statements, and then on tax certificates.
  6. Check the tick box, then select the certificate you require (IT3b).
  7. Check that the details are correct and then click “confirm.”
  8. Select Finish to complete the process. You can then print.