Ubank Personal Loan

The Ubank Personal Loan can be up to R 180,000 and repayment of the loan must be carried out within a maximum of 72 months (6 years).
Why Ubank Personal Loan
The fees corresponding to the Ubank Personal Loan are interest rate, initiation fee and the monthly service fee. The interest rate is fluctuating and depends on the analysis of the information at the time of application
It is important to say that the initiation rate is 16.50% for the first R 1000 and 10% for each R 1000 followed. The interest rate for short term loans is 5% per month and other loans of up to 27.50% per year. The monthly service charge is R 69.
If you have any questions, an online calculator is available on the website so you can test what the rate would be according to the amount you want. Of course the calculator shows only one assumption.
Let’s make a representative example. If the loan amount is R 119 000 and the chosen term is 17 months.
The person will pay per month R 9099.32.
The monthly amount to be paid will be R 9099.32
The application – Ubank Personal Loan
The application for the Ubank Personal Loan can be made by phone, through the website or at one of the bank’s branches.
Eligibility – Ubank Personal Loan
To be eligible for the Ubank Personal Loan there is some requirements
– Be between 18 and 65 years old
– Being employed
– Have a bank account (even if it is not at Ubank)
The documents required for the application are:
– Latest original payslip
– Proof of physical address (not older than 3 months)
– Green bar-coded South African Identity Bank, ID smart card or valid passport (with valid work permit)
– Bank statements (for the last 3 months) – Only if the person aren´t a Ubank customer)
Benefits – Ubank Personal Loan
Some benefits of Ubank Personal Loan are important to be highlighted:
– Reliable and secure bank
– Just some documentation required
– Flexible Terms
– Competitive rates
Useful Information – Ubank Personal Loan
Ubank Personal Loan
Telephone: 086000 8322 (SA) / +27 11 5185780 (International