Rainfin Personal Loans

RainFin Personal Loans offers secure online loans for both personal and businesses, and is a marketplace that connects lenders directly with the borrower. Their aim was to create an alternative for borrowers who were looking for finance but didn’t want to go through traditional channels such as banks and also lenders who were looking for better returns than stock markets or fixed deposits.

Why choose RainFin Personal Loans?

RainFin Personal Loans are offered through a platform that links individuals with lenders, and by eliminating the middleman such as banks they are reducing the gap between what the lender earns and what the borrower pays. Their platform has advanced security features that provides a safe, transparent and quick environment where borrowers and lenders can interact.
Before you take on RainFin Personal Loans you can make use of their income and expense calculator to determine if you will be able to afford the loan. Their is no limitation on use of these loans, whether you choose to use it for paying for your children’s educational expenses, financing a medical procedure or operation, doing some home renovations and so on.

How RainFin Personal Loans Works

The first step is to visit their website and sign up. After signing up you can create a loan and you will get notification once a lender has made an offer on your loan request. You will be able to access the money after 40% of your loan has been funded and you can start paying off your loan the following month after receiving it. As you pay off your loan on time you will be building a good credit score which future lenders will take into account when offering you a loan.
Lenders also have to signup and create an account, after which they can deposit their money into a Rainfin Account. They will be able to browse through multiple loan applications and make an offer on the one they want to offer finance on. They will get a notification if the borrower has been approved and start receiving payments with interest after 30 days.

RainFin Personal Loans Contact Details

Get in touch with RainFin by calling their offices 087 820 5200 or visit their website www.rainfin.com for more information.