Matfin Money Matters – Debt consolidation for home owners

Mattfin Money Matters core business is providing Credit Solutions to Home Owners
in the form of Debt Consolidation, Debt Restructuring and rescinding of all credit
listings (ITC)
Mattfin Money Matters assists homeowners that are permanently employed.
This is achieved by using the equity/available value from the property.

The advantages of Mattfin Money Matters assistance.

1. All debt is settled by Mattfin.
2. The Property remains in the owner’s name.
3. Credit Bureau status is updated by Mattfin.
4. Any Judgments, Debt Review or Credit Bureau listings will be rescinded by
5. A money management/budgeting programme is put in place to assist clients, in
managing their monthly finances.
Mattfin Money Matters has an open door policy and believes in transparency.

Mattfin Money Matters contact details:

Office Tel: 021 801 0111
Fax no: 021 914 5820
Fourth Floor
Waterfront Terraces (Block1)
Waterfront Road
Tyger Waterfront